Call To Boycott Amira Hass Lecture in London

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Dears at MOSAIC Rooms,

We are a group of Palestinian activists, academics, practitioners, and organisations concerned about today’s event Edward W. Said London Lecture 2018, being led by a so-called Israeli leftist, who has on a number of occasions expressed her views against Palestinians’ right to return, and called the Nakba ‘ a historical event that we should not dwell on’. In Palestine, Hass has been boycotted by the students of Birzeit University as she came in as a representative of a Zionist institution.

Giving Amira Hass this platform is not only silencing to the many Palestinian voices, but also others in the global solidarity movement who are truly part of a genuine and indigenous struggle for freedom and justice, who can produce knowledge and have the eloquence to speak up for their cause. Giving Ms. Hass this platform also defeats the whole point of having a lecture named after Edward Said, who spoke repeatedly against the cultural imperialism of the occupier. Edward Said in his life warned against colonialists speaking about us and to us through their colonial lens, and by giving Ms. Hass this platform we will be contributing precisely to that.

We do not only see this as an act of normalisation, but we also see it as undermining the history of the Palestinian struggle and Palestinian knowledge production.

We, therefore, call on the MOSAIC Rooms to cancel this event, or replace the speaker, so that they are not complicit with such acts of silencing.