Request for GATE 2018 course completion by MindVis (Mr Himanshu Vasishtha)

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 Dear Sir,

We enrolled in your Gate 2018 lifetime course provided by MindVis C/O BeyondEngg F-452, Industrial Area, Sector 91, Mohali - Punjab (INDIA) in a hope to attain the knowledge along with the mentorship promises you provided.

After enrolling in  Mentorship Course many joinees faced issues in your course due to the lethargic, delaying, unprofessional and arrogant attitude of the mentor. 

Hence the course was more a self -paced course because every time students themselves have to request the team to update the course.

The mentors of the course were so unprofessional that instead of handling complaint and issues with the course gracefully mentor used to post excuses. 

There are many more secondary issues which are attached to the excel below

The main issue we are facing is your course is there are many important topics which are still missing in your course.

As a token of respect, we believed in your excuses and tried to give you enough time even after GATE 2018 to complete the left out topics. But after result instead of helping, you cheated us by leaving the WhatsApp group.

Hence through this petition, we request you to please complete our course and provide us with a deadline in written for the same.

Its a request to everyone who is signing in this petition please fill the form attached below to let Er. Himanshu Sir know what all is missing in the course so that he can assure us with the services which we were promised to complete.

Link( Form of issues  for petition signers )

Excel of issues(For Himanshu Sir)