Milco stop Irresponsible Packaging

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We are deeply concerned and disappointed with your recent repackaging of Highland Butter. Your outdated thinking in replacing a foil wrapper with a single-use plastic container, in this age of awareness of the value of environmental sustainability, is shocking.

Today, corporations across the globe aspire to progress by applying environmental ​sustainability as a primary operational guideline. However, Milco (Pvt) Ltd. with its new irresponsible packaging, clearly lacks the level of civic consciousness expected of a 62yr old Sri Lankan company, and is possibly only triggered  by projected profits through cheap packaging​. 

We are consumers committed to local products, and ​have ​been loyal to Highland Butter for several decades, but we are even more committed to helping Sri Lanka's environment become plastic free. ​Therefore, ​until you repackage responsibly ​with​ paper​ or any compostable material, we will switch to other​ ​sustainably​ packaged brands of butter.