Stop single use plastic in all territories around Lake Garda

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Lake Garda is one of the world most famous sailing destinations. All sorts of sports are practiced on its waters and shores, from kitesurf and windsurf to mountain bike and climbing. It's one of Italy most important tourist destination with over 20M visitors yearly. Local councils and communities already take good care of Lake Garda: the waters are generally considered clean, however micro-plastics are an issue. Lake Garda is one of Europe largest alpine lake and its micro-plastics can end up in downstream rivers and eventually in the Adriatic sea.

The European Union has approved on October 24th a measure to ban single use plastics from 2021. In Europe some cities, councils, regions have taken the step to ban immediately single use plastics.
We propose that all city councils on Lake Garda take the same step and ban immediately the use of single use plastic.

I started this petition because…
Foiling Weeks are one of world most prominent sailing events, started on Lake Garda in 2014. We consider it our "home-base" and care for its future. Sustainability is one of the Foiling Week core values. Single use plastic is banned from Foiling Week events.