Give CEFA teachers the pay increase they deserve, not more royalties for head office.

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CEFA Early Learning has announced they are dramatically increasing tuition fees ($200 a month) beginning this March 2018. Parents were given little notice over this drastic increase. The company marketed this fee increase to parents as a way of providing their teachers/ECE's with a living wage and being a "pioneer" in paying educators fairly. CEFA's marketing acknowledged that early childhood teachers are "often not compensated fairly."

A CTV report was posted March 1, 2018 where educators and a franchisee both reported that not all of the increase was going to teachers as CEFA had previously stated. In fact, owner Natacha Beim is continuing to take 6% royalties from the pay increase. CEFA teachers interviewed for the article called their wage increase "disappointing."

As a working mother, and working person living in Vancouver, $200 is a large amount of money a month. As a parent, I am glad to pay it if I know the money is going towards the hard-working, dedicated teachers caring for my child each day. 6% makes a difference to early childhood educators. 6% makes a difference when you are living paycheque to paycheque.

Ms. Beim, if you are serious about your desire to retain quality staff and continue being a leader in the early childhood field, we ask that you allocate your royalty portion of the fee increase to teachers. Your marketing campaign stated you wanted to be the "first and only Early Childhood School to commit to being a Living Wage employer in Canada." Be strong to your word, and give your hard-working teachers the pay they deserve.

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