Help protect Ontario's Bluewater Dunes so plants and animals can thrive.

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The Bluewater Dunes, located in the Township of Tiny, are one of the highest sand dunes on Lake Huron.  They are a unique and delicate environmental wonder enjoyed by many Ontarians and visitors.

Over the years the dunes have been ravaged by assorted political interests. The Township allowed bulldozing of the dune wetlands, sand dunes and removal of truckloads of sand.  Plant and animal species were decimated. 

In 2006, Tiny Township received a large grant to begin recovery of the dunes and protect them with boardwalks, fencing and signage.  The results have been slow, but good.  The sand dunes have started to form again and wetlands have started to re-form.  Wetland plant and animal species, along with other native animals, have started to return. A rare beach reed has reformed and we are searching the Dunes for the threatened Lake Huron Grasshopper this coming summer.

The problem remains however, that the dunes are zoned as Open Space. This leaves them susceptible to future tampering and degradation. There has already been some talk by Tiny’s 2018 Council of digging into the dunes to accommodate parking. We cannot allow more destruction of this significant environmental feature.  After investing heavily in restoration the next logical step is to have the dunes environmentally protected. 

Please sign our petition to the Council of the Township of Tiny to have the dunes re-zoned to EP1 (environmentally protected).  This will protect the dunes for future generations while allowing it to remain open for the public and all residents of Tiny. 

Let’s not allow Tiny’s Council to “pave paradise and put up a parking lot”.


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