Demand that Bell Baker LLP Ensure Well-Being of Abused Woman As Implored by Judge

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On 24 March 2017, Justice Macloed implored a lawyer who represents Bell Baker LLP, to ensure the independent verification of Dezrin who is the wife of Horace who has been accused of substantive abuse and neglect by her son.  On 27 March 2017, Bell Baker sent a letter to Raymond, the son, saying that "his client" wouldn't enable such independent verification. 

Bell Baker's apparent client is a quasi-organized crime organization that has sought to treat Dezrin as some sort of lab rat for testing pharmaeceuticals which has rendered Dezrin unable to walk, talk or write.  Bell Baker fraudulently has slapped onto litigation Horace's name to prevent Raymond from seeing his Mom that would "interfere" with the use of Dezrin for the demonic interests that Bell Baker has sought to fraudulently represent using "Horace's name" in ongoing litigation.

In on-going efforts to perpetrate Dezrin's suffering "in the interests of science", Bell Baker LLP and its associates have apparently been responsible for the intimidation of judges, social workers and others which has violated the integrity of our Canadian justice system.

Thanks to Bell Baker, Dezrin has has suffered unspeakable suffering and misery for now more than three years.

Bell Baker has resorted to a well coordinated and orchestrated system of lying and deception which also includes the improper use Ms Cleroux's signature on a court document to have been attributed to Horace along with the apparent forgery of Horace's signature as corroborated by at least two handwriting experts.

Bell Baker LLP is running a covert "false flag" operation in behalf of Big Business / quasi-organized crime related interests.

We, the undersigned, demand that Bell Baker cease and desist its fraudulent activities and immediately enable the independent verification of Dezrin's well being that Bell Baker LLP has sought to frustrate in violation of laws and general human decency.


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