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Dear Adam Olsen, MLA,

We stand to lose a longstanding Salt Spring institution: hitchhiking and the hitchhiking spot out of town at the bottom of the Ganges Hill (outside Embe bakery) and we hope that you can help us to save it and the cultural tradition of ride sharing on Salt Spring.

Hitchhiking is a very essential service on the island: providing flexible transportation to people on a budget, to islanders hoping to share rides for environmental reasons, and to carless people needing to travel between the infrequently scheduled bus times. In addition, hitchhiking supports overflow passengers who are unable to get on our buses which at peak times are often too full to pick up passengers. Hitchhiking is critical to get people to and fro. It is also a wonderful way for islanders of all incomes and backgrounds to meet, exchange ideas and stories.

The RCMP would like to see the hitchhiking spot outside Embe gone and has initiated this by contacting MOTI. MOTI is going to be installing a barrier outside Embe bakery - where the fourth generation islander owners are happy to host hitchhikers - the barrier will prevent hitchhiking from the shoulder and the RCMP will then ticket people who pick up hitchhikers off the roadside.

As our provincial representative and one who campaigned on a platform of climate action, we ask you to intervene on our behalf and to work with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to develop a safe and well-graded pull out for picking up hitchhikers outside Embe bakery, or an alternative, visible and accessible place that will help people hitching out of town southwards. We also ask you to work with the RCMP to encourage them to develop their policing plans in consultation with the Salt Spring community for the benefit of all islanders, the environment and for the maintenance of our unique and inclusive culture. We do not believe that ticketing people for picking up hitchhikers is in line with the culture of the island.   

Help Salt Spring save our community spirit and reduce greenhouse gas vehicle emissions, one shared ride at a time. Support hitchhiking on Salt Spring and our iconic hitchhiking spot at Embe bakery.  


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