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Infinity Ward: Put Search n Destroy (SnD) back in Public Playlists

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Infinity Ward, you created a game in which you thought people like and yes people do like it.. but not many pro gamers like it because you removed some gamemodes. But the main gamemode you removed was Search and Destroy, and I dont know why you removed Search and Destroy and have it only in Private Matches. It literally makes no sense, in just leaving a gamemode in the playlist in which gamers loved since COD4.

Main reason is, why did you remove it? Did you really want people to play your new gamemodes and then release SnD and other old gamemodes four months later. Ha.. No. Search and Destroy should have been added in the Public Playlists since day one on release day and you know it.

But Infinty Ward is probably reading this or some random reading wondering who is ''azgoodaz''? Well Im a gamer who has played COD since COD 4 and the only gamemode that I played the most is Search and Destroy in every game from COD4 through Black Ops 2. So in short terms... yes, this petition really does matter to me. Thats why I made it.

For Proof that I actually play Search and Destroy: &

So I write this to you Infinity Ward to add Search and Destory back in the Public Playlists including in Core and Hardcore w/ Ricochet. Im not the only one that wants SnD back in COD Ghosts.. and if you want facts just ask the ''Pro-Gamers'' and see what they say.

NOTE: Search and Destory needs to be added on Xbox 360, Ps3, Pc, Xbox One, and Ps4.

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