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Infinity Federal Credit Union: Stop forclosures on the homes of serious Sick People.

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I know that I’m not alone in this issue, But I’m asking the (in my case) Infinity Federal Credit Union to please  check their moral compass a little and instead of simply solving their problem to also consider what’s left for a Loyal Customer that has fallen on hard times due to an Illness beyond their control. Like myself, may people and I might add good hard working people that have paid into our establishment for many years have lost everything they have owned and are now trying to figure out which is more important the medications they need or food to eat. After working hard, owning my own business creating jobs for hundreds of other to find myself in this unfortunate situation. And now, I’m about to lose the only thing I have left, My Home. Based on my condition the likely hood of joining the rolls of homeless is high and imminent.  I have come up with some ideas that I thought would be viable alternatives to foreclosure, however the credit Union refuses to think outside of the box even a little. They have left me with the definite impression that I certainly do not matter to them anymore and if their actions have me homeless it does not matter.  Even though, its thought that I still have quite a bit of equity in my home. They are only interested in auctioning it off for one dollar more then I owe and satisfy their own needs. Mean while my hard erned money is handed to some lucky buyer in savings and value and I'm left with nothing. They call that forclosure, where I grew up it was called something else!  The fact is, as one person I don’t have the clout to go to our government and ask them to change their ways, however as an excellent customer of the credit union for many years, I’m asking them to use their clout and ask the government to help them deal with the growing problem of foreclosures in our country today. Starting with me alone has little chance to see a change, however, starting at the banking level definitely notches up the chance for change. Once again, the little guy has to burden the issues of poor decision making, while the large corporations sit back and reap the rewards of our labor. As long as we are contributing, as I did for more than 40 years your safe, but get sick and try to collect what you already paid for and watch what happens. This is important to me because it wrong and worse than that the pulled my number at the meat slicer, but it also important too so many others in the same exact boat. STOP FORCLOURSURES ON THE PEOPLE THAT HAVE BECOME SICK AND UNABLE TO GET BY WITH OUT A LITTLE HELP!                    


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