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Infertility Funding for Military Families

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Currently, 7.3 million women in the United States suffer from infertility or have undergone fertility treatments, according to the CDC. Over 2 million married couples are infertile, according to American Pregnancy. One third of infertilty is due to the woman, one third of infertility is due to the male, and the other one third is a mixture of both female and male inferitlity. One is six couples struggles with infertility, according to Women's Health. Active duty or reserve military couples are provided with limited treatments for infertility, which does not include IVF or IUI, and most military couples are unable to get onto the waiting list for IVF or IUI at a military treatmet facility due to the length of time on the waiting list or deployments or other military life related occurences, and cannot afford IVF or IUI on their own. This petition is asking for the government, to make IVF or IUI a TriCare Prime covered procedure for all infertile military couples.

It all starts with TriCare covering fertility medications that are covered for T.I. (timed intercourse) treatments for use with IUI and IVF, and covering the necessary ultrasounds and bloodwork and monitoring that is the exact same protocol that is covered for T.I. for use during IUI and IVF. Most military couples can afford the small insemination fee and the anesthesia.

Please, help us get the word out!!!!

At 20,000 signatures, I am going to do a fund raising drive to come up with a way to promote and publicize this petition. Please help us reach that goal! Infertile military couples deserve ot be families, too.

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