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Dear Türkiye Bursları,

We have many questions in our minds that really stress out all of us to the point that we cannot focus on anything else since the new decision about accommodation was reveled:


1. What does each option entail? and what are the guarantees?

2. How many of us KYK dormitories will take considering that YTB will have a quota and that it will be for undergraduate students? And what will happen to those who apply for KYK dormitories and get a negative answer?

3. KYK supported foundation dorms of the list you sent us are starting from 700TL per month and above.. what is your plan concerning this? and does YTB have any kind of agreement with them?

4. Students in big cities who already strated looking for apartments to rent are surprised by the high real estate index (more than 1650TL in Istanbul on the 16th of August). And even for sharing flats: rent fees + bills + food is at least 800TL per month without mentioning the deposit that varies from an apartment to the other. There is also the time and efforts it takes to find the right apartment for rent and to find the right flatmates. We also need to point out here that a big number of the students are in their countries at the moment. How can YTB help us with all this?


You said that the aim of those kind of policy changes is to raise the quality of the services and to raise satisfaction to the highest level, we choose to believe in you when we left our countries, our familes, whole lives and came to embrace this experience and to be a part of the Turkiye Bursları family and we want to keep believing in you but if you want to help us with this we suggest that :

1. Adapting the new policy should be optional for the students.

2. The accomadation support amount should be doubled for the graduate students in big cities.

3. The application of the new policy for those who selected it starts after one semester.

We hope and we believe that you will understand and feel us, and consider all the pressure we go through.

We invite you to read our requests this time, and each of you imagines that it is a letter from his /her expatriate child.