Reduce working hours of Women to 06 hours and male workers to 08 hours

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In India, the work timings are for 8 hours a day, excluding lunch timing of 45 minutes to 01 hours.  But in practice, the employees have to stay far longer hours depending on team culture (more the younger employees in the team, more they want to linger back in office), the manager they report to and so on. Many times for a work duration of 08 hours, the employee has to put in 02 hours in reaching office and 02 more hours in reaching back to home. So the effective hours away from home are 12. This is badly affecting work-life balance. This is truer in case of female employees since they have to handle more tasks back home than male employees. Due to the lack of quality time, female employees dedicate at home, many families are on the verge of collapse. Since husband and wife cannot spend quality time with kids, many issues are cropping up with the coming generation. The divorce cases reported in many urban conglomerates like Banglore, Pune, etc. are the direct fall out of these working conditions. Hence my appeal is to reduce the work time of female employees to 06 hours a day (reduce by two hours a day), stricter compliance of 08 hours working time in case of male employees, the inclusion of travel time in working hours, offering of affordable accommodation in the vicinity of the workplace by the employer, inception of child care center at the workplace, one year maternity leave to female employees and 01 month paternity leave to male employee. This will positively add to the wellness of the coming generation, will positively affect the family bonding, will have a positive effect on the work output of an employee and so on. The promoters may have to shell out a few more bucks if they agree to this, but this should be treated as an investment for employees in particular and for society and nation in general. This will also generate 33% additional employment.