Indoor Sports Deserve a Start Date

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To the Victorian Sport Minister, Martin Pakula and Community Sport Minister, Ros Spence:
The Victorian Government has left behind Indoor Community Sports.
Victorians, we would like a roadmap on the reopening of Indoor Community Sports. Clarity on when Indoor Sports can return is vital for organisations ability to prepare for the future whilst giving Victorians much needed hope.
Community Indoor Sports is more than just a sport, it’s a place where long lasting friendships are created, where kids learn key social skills and adults go to escape. Each and every member feels a sense of belonging. It’s a community and for many, a home away from home!
The benefits of exercise impact both the physical and mental health of each player who is involved in indoor sports. Furthermore the purpose sports bring to individuals provides them with a sense of belonging, responsibility and clarity in life.
It is proven that participating in team community sports, has a positive effect on people's mental health and wellbeing.
We ask for a road map for Community Indoor Sports.
Give organisers hope, give those young children who dream of becoming professional sports players hope, give those people who want to play this great sport hope. Give us Victorians who want our community back hope.
Setting a date for reopening will be the beginning of the recovery, we urge you to set a date and help us kick some real goals with our community and all those involved.
Please sign this online petition and let’s get indoor sports back into the community!