Saving our Local Fruits from Extinction

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Saving our Local Fruits from Extinction

This petition is proudly made by Paskah R. B. Abednego S., Patricia Tandavo, Vincent Arnold R. and Xavier Christopher L. L., students of 9 Isaiah, Saint John's Catholic School BSD from out collective concern and love for the preservation of our local fruits.


Written by Abed

Indonesia is filled with many exotic fruits and some are only available in Indonesia. But sometimes Growing and harvesting these exotic local fruits can be a problem. The aim for this petition is for us to realize that our country has a problem with harvesting local fruits. Harvesting local fruits in our country is really important since it’s what makes our country more exotic and special. Even the rate of consumption of local fruits dropped by the average of 16% at 2016. The consumption rate dropped is mainly caused by the production of the local fruits, not because people don’t want to eat exotic fruits anymore.

The Problem

Written by Patrice

The big problem that we are facing at the moment is that less people are consuming the local fruits. Storage/packaging, planting/harvesting and distribution all contribute to this. In the 1980s, Indonesia was the largest exporter of fruits and vegetables in the ASEAN region. This is evident from the export data at the time where Singapore imported 30% of its local fruits from Indonesia. Sadly, Indonesia only accounts for 4% of fruit exports into Singapore now. The low local fruit consumption is caused by the uneven distribution of fruit, With that being said farmers work hard to produce amazing local fruits only to find out that shipping them across the city is more expensive than importing fruits from China to Indonesia. Why is it expensive? Because the fruits have to be package in a special way to be exported and the infrastructure of Indonesia is troubling.

The Impact

Written by Arnold

Every activity has to have an impact to some places. The decrease in local harvest fruit can also motive a cheap trouble to fruit commercial enterprise and due to the fact human beings eat less fruit than snacks like chips and biscuit, farmers who farm the fruits will lose their jobs. If this occurs, the manufacturing of end result will decrease. Maximum commercial enterprise converts land into business vicinity and factories. This can break its factors for planting on the way to decrease the germplasm. This may reason our united states that was wealthy with end result gone, and spoil our fruit variety thanks to business land conversion. There are nevertheless many affects than the only that is written.

Our Suggestion

Written by Topher

For the solution to this outcome, we can classify some things. Since the problem is that there are less people consuming fruits, some companies are having problems to keep up and help with the country’s economy. We can approach in encouraging customers to buy local fruits, whether economically or physically. Economy as in putting local fruits as a more prominent snack in markets, we can also encourage people to buy more fruits by advertisements or other medias. It is also told that the farmers wouldn’t plant fruits that are not likely going to be eaten, we need to eradicate the lack of consumption of the local fruits in Indonesia. In eating the endemic fruits we are able to not only preserve the special fruits’ lifespan but help with the economy of the country, as fruit delivery and fruit production make up some part of the Indonesian economy, everything counts. We can also increase the delivery and production of local fruits through export, there might just be a chance that our local fruits goes into the international market.


Compiled by all 4 of us, Abed, Patrice, Arnold and Topher

Thank you for reading our petition, it would help us a lot if you would kindly sign this petition. The variety and diversion of our local fruits are in danger to the majority of non-local fruits. From our explanation about this topic, we think that in the next years our local fruits will be forgotten, we wrote this petition to try and convince everyone to support this cause. Without these local fruits we are not able to experience their various tastes and diversity, we need to preserve them. The government can help in regulating the fruit production, the fruit companies can, but it won’t change if we don’t do anything about it. So please take this problem into consideration and sign our petition to help our local fruits from being forgotten. Once again, thank you!