Release Journalist Philip Jacobson from Jail

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This morning I woke up to news that award-winning Mongabay editor Phil Jacobson is in jail. 

Just a few months ago, we met in a West Village coffeeshop, where we caught up years after sharing our first byline in our high school newspaper. Now, Phil faces up to five years in prison.

Mongabay reports:

Jacobson, 30, was first detained on December 17, 2019 after attending a hearing between the Central Kalimantan parliament and the local chapter of the Indigenous Peoples Alliance of the Archipelago (AMAN), Indonesia’s largest indigenous rights advocacy group...

...He had travelled to the city shortly after entering Indonesia on a business visa for a series of meetings. The day he was due to leave, immigration authorities seized his passport, interrogated him for four hours and ordered him to remain in the city pending their investigation.

A Human Rights Watch researcher tells Mongabay that “Philip Jacobson’s treatment is a worrying sign that the government is cracking down on the kind of work that is essential to the health of Indonesian democracy.”

Sign this petition to urge the relevant authorities in Indonesia to release Phil.

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