Say NO to Candidates Who Are Pro Khalistan & Anti India

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This up coming elections are going to be very crucial for all Canadians more so for we  Indo-Canadians. India and Canada are at cross roads today. The positive trade winds that were blowing many years ago seem to have ebbed. There are many reasons for this and political closeness is just one very important aspect here. Indo Canadian Chamber of Business along with many Economists think India can play a huge role in Canadian economy and vice versa. Creating high value Jobs and investments within Canada and India can take an upswing if only Political climate is conducive. This is the part that we feel is lacking under the present Government.

2 things that should bother every Indo-Canadian:

Abrogation of Article 370 : There are many Liberal - NDP Politicians here who have spoken against the abrogation of Article 370  in Indian Constitution. Abrogation of Article 370 is India's internal affairs and any opinions offered by Canada and her Politicians is tantamount to Interfering in India's Internal affairs.

This has to STOP NOW

Pro Khalistan: There are many Liberal - NDP Politicians in Canada who openly or otherwise support the Khalistani views. India has repeatedly said that Khalistan groups are terror groups and Canada has openly allowed these groups to operate on its soil.

This has to STOP NOW

The Parliamentary elections in Canada being held  in October has a huge potential to unleash the economic capabilities of India where in Canada -India can partner on various fronts. All this is at stake by the vested interest of Liberals- NDP. 

 October 21st when you Vote remember Support Candidates that Stand for India