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Stop the Use of Animals in Circuses.

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For years animals have been used for entertainment in circuses. Even though some people like to take their kids to the circus you'll actually never know what happens to the animals. These animals are traveling all over for eleven months. When traveling they are in cages that aren't the right living situations. Almost every circus around has failed to go by the United States Animal Welfare Act. These are wild animals that are being forced to be something they're not. Over time these animals change physically and emotionally. This causes the animals to act up and do what they feel is right. There have been over hundred of deaths and injuries to people around these animals. Most of them end up dying while still being in the circus instead of being sent to a reserve or zoo. From 1994 to 2005 there has been over thirty elephants that died in the circus. Wild animals shouldn't be chained up and trained to do things they aren't meant to do. They need to be put in their natural habit and live their life free. 

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