Demand people proposing gun control read The Federalist Papers

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The problem with people proposing "common sense gun control", "assault weapon" bans, and "high capacity" magazine bans, is that they are completely misinformed and misled by politician and media elites with an agenda, they are making demands based on emotion not reason, and they are completely uneducated and ignorant when it comes to their knowledge of both firearms and our Founding Fathers purpose for and intent behind the Second Amendment when our Constitution was ratified.

These people should first read publications such as The Federalist Papers and The Anti Federalist Papers, so they can learn what our Founders real purpose for the Second Amendment was and what firearms or weapons they thought were not only allowable but necessary to be in the hands of civilians. Second they should learn that the AR15 is not an assault rifle and the term "assault weapon" is a made up term. In addition, they should learn that they are trying to ban standard capacity 30 round magazines and not only "high capacity" over 30 round magazines. Finally, they should do their own research on the statistics which show that more people are killed by drunk drivers, texting while driving, opiates, or even hands and feet being used as weapons than are by these rifles. They should research the statistics that show since gun ownership has increased dramatically in recent years crime has decreased, and after the Australian gun confiscation(mandatory "buy back program") crimes increased dramatically. 

When push comes to shove, each individual is responsible for their own security. It doesn't matter what laws you pass because criminals don't follow laws by definition. Guns have not become more violent, our society has. We also have no value for human life. We must fix the society, not destroy the ability to exercise the one natural right that protects all our other natural rights that are the last line of defense between liberty and tyranny.