Bipartite Settlement : Why suffer and let the others negotiate on your rights?

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Bankers are the fighters who fight for bringing economic upliftments and equality among citizens of this country, but, its their fate that they themselves have become the victim of economic injustice.

At this juncture, it is not be argued that they work hard to earn dignity for their nation by playing an integral role in economic ecosystem yet they feel rejected & dejected  when it comes to their economic and social security. The work conditions of bankers are revisited every 05 year in the name of Bipartite Settlement which comes into effect after average delay of 2.5 years since the few can't effectively undertake to do something which they've been delegated and authorized to do. Whats the fault of bankers? Do they work less? Don't they do everything which is imposed on them by the government? Don't they fight with fraudsters to recover the public money? Aren't they ready to work anywhere in the country? Don't their families suffer when they get frequent transfers? If its all true then why are they paid less than their fellow workers in different organisations of the same government? Why do they have to negotiate and have to suffer and beg at the end of it for little that they claim but more they deserve?

Why delegate our rights on a few to negotiate on our fate? WHY NOT FIGHT FOR OURSELVES?