Restore Beechworth's Golden Horsehoes Festival Parade

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Beechworth's treasured Golden Horseshoes Festival is under threat.
In 1855, Daniel Cameron led a parade through the streets of Beechworth on a horse shod with shoes of real gold. Cameron was a political candidate to the Victorian Legislative Assembly, and the locals elected him to the State’s first parliament in front of the Star Theatre. Each Easter since 1855 a parade has honoured this event with a parade and festivities down the main street of Beechworth.
Except for this year.
Due to 'safety concerns' and lack of infrastructure, the committee has seen no way to run this event in the normal location with the help they currently have.
To that end, it has been moved outside of town, and the parade has no motorised entries.
Indigo Shire Council (ISC) & Tourism North East (TNE) need to step up and work with the festival committee to get this changed for the upcoming parade, for the benefit of all traders and an ailing economy in Beechworth.
Taking the event to the edge of town will only assist in killing this event.
Please do not let this happen to our treasured Easter Parade