Julie Goldman responds:

Julie Goldman

I feel such an urgency about this harmful policy. It's painful to see the lesbian community dictating definitions of who is a woman. We risk the further generational fracture if this policy so deeply injuring trans women goes unchanged. It's high time for MWMF to stop marginalizing trans women. I've been to 8 fests, but certainly won't be back untill dignity is offered to my trans sisters.

Posted on April 23, 2013
  • gina morvay SAN FRANCISCO, CA
    • over 1 year ago

    Urgency? You've been to MWMF for 8 years during which the same policy existed and I've yet to hear you ever make a statement against the policy much less state that you wouldn't perform there because of it. To my understanding you still appeared there this year. Do you seriously mean to say you didn't know about this situation until now? What I'm seeing is a bunch of performers who just ignored the issue or couldn't be bothered facing it until this year when it seems to be at a kind of tipping point and they're concerned their careers will be impacted by continuing to support an exclusionary festival. I find it really hard to respect statements of supposed solidarity from people who didn't care about trans women's dignity until it came to be about money and bookings.