Stop the Bullying

Stop the Bullying

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Started by Tim Mt. Pleasant

Bullying is a persistent and pervasive behaviour that continues to play out within Six Nations Schools.  The cause of this behaviour stems from several issues which include:

  1. Children of teachers and principals being permitted to attend the same school, thereby allowing a conflict of interest into the system.
  2. That there is a lack of reporting relationship that exists between the staff of Indigenous Services Canada within our schools and the community.
  3. The lack of control that the community has to resolve issues within the schools.
  4. The lack of Anti-Oppressive practice that exists within Indigenous Services Canada when dealing with the school, explicitly recognizing the privilege that ISC staff deem that they have.
  5. The lack of a complaints resolution process, that is effective when addressing conflicts between students within the schools.

The Six Nations Community would like to take a stand against the continued bullying that exists within our schools and the effect that this has on our children.  The Six Nations Community requests a town hall meeting with Indigenous Services Canada, and we demand that ISC implement the Provincial Standards for Anti-Bullying immediately.  The community also requests that children of ISC staff that work within a specific school not be permitted to have their children attend the school in which they work, as this causes an irresolvable conflict of interest.  Also, this raises issues around the ability of staff to enact remedial measures fairly and impartially when their exists relational autonomy concerns.

Link to Ontario's Anti-Bullying Policy:

1,301 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!