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Resignation of Senator Lynn Beyak for saying the Residential School System did good.

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A mother was never taken away to Residential School, she never went to any school. Instead her father chose to hide her away in the bushes whenever the Indian agents would come steal the kids. Having been a survivor himself, he was brutally beaten, raped, mentally and sexually abused in Birtle, MB for years. It's all her father and mother knew. Her mother would always run away to the city to drink with strange men. And so the lessons continued and were inflicted upon this mother and her siblings.  She was sexually abused by her father for years. Her own father would come into their room at night, and she just knew she would have to get up and go with him and let him sodomize and rape her, it started when she was just a toddler up until she was 15 years old. As time passed, he would try to take one of her younger sisters instead, the mother said, "No dad, leave her, I'll come" She said there was a big rock she would have to lean over on, and she would imagine she was someone and somewhere else. Praying that it would end soon and not hurt so much this time.

Then when she should have been Grade 8, all the boys came home from that same school. Eight of these boys kidnapped her and locked her in a grain silo for days. She is not sure how long, possibly three days. And they all "took turns on her." Four would come in at a time, three holding her down in case she tried to fight, the other having her way with her. She could hear them drinking around a fire they'd lit just outside the silo. And talking about her like she was just a piece of meat.

Nine months later she had a baby. She doesn't know who the father was, but she knew she loved that child with all her heart. And that maybe here was a boy that would always love her back. She still had SO much love to give! Even though it may have been her own father's child. Eight months after that, the child died in it's sleep. Her father only yelled at her for killing her own baby! She began running away and following in her mother's footsteps. Always finding a drink and a strange man to buy it for her.

This mother suffered from mental illness for the rest of her life. At 17 another girl was born to her, then at 19 she met another Residential School Survivor. She had finally found true love for a time. But four kids later and four mental breakdowns later it was over between them. Still she endured life, in and out of mental institutions, making the best of life, always laughing and smiling. But never able to care for her six kids as she would have liked due to the pain of her past.                                                    -Used with permission from Anonymous

And this is just ONE story, of someone affected by Residential School System , EVEN THOUGH SHE NEVER EVEN STEPPED FOOT IN ONE!!!

AND THIS SENATOR HAS THE NERVE TO SAY A LOT OF GOOD CAME OUT OF THIS SYSTEM??? She has no idea of the fallout of destruction that came out of there as well!

Yeah our people drink and turn to sources to numb the pain! Who wouldn't? But Colonizers? Rather than label us a "drunks" LISTEN to the stories and send help, counselors, educators. Rather than lie to us and about us to the world, TELL our story!

And to my Fellow Indigenous People, Inter-generational Survivors, please tell your stories! Don't continue to believe the years of lies and threats of further abuses if you go and tell someone what they did to you. Your secret they made you keep needs to be told! And it's okay to tell it. You will heal the more times you tell your story. And remember, they CANNOT and will not harm you anymore! Stop suffering, stop hurting yourself and leave a lasting positive legacy for your family. Thank you to all those who already do all this on a daily basis.

And to those who numb out, please STOP giving them something to talk about! Kill the stereotypes, get off the booze, get off the drugs, get off the streets, EDUCATE yourselves, and get counseling, do whatever it takes to live a better life! Life is too short to struggle, for any reason. Education is OUR new Buffalo, where once the buffalo provided all we needed to survive, education is all we need now, in this colonized world of ours, to survive into the future, and our children's future. Leave a lasting legacy full of the best things in life, the 7 teachings.

Please sign and help make an example out of this Senator to all the others out there who think these schools and it's horrible history doesn't matter!! To all those that stereotype the Indigenous people out of pure ignorance to the root causes. And let's get a public apology out of this Senator as well as her resignation.

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