Decision Maker Response

GoFundMe’s response

Apr 30, 2015 — To all those affected by the terrible earthquakes in Nepal, the GoFundMe Team is thinking of you.

We’ve worked rapidly to create the ‘Nepal Earthquake Relief‘ category and continue to work diligently to scan and review the thousands of campaigns that have been created to aid victims and send relief. This has been our #1 priority.

Now, we’re announcing that GoFundMe will be donating back its 5% fee from all donations made to campaigns within our ‘Nepal’ category to AmeriCares. We believe that AmeriCares is best positioned to make an immediate impact by delivering aid packages of medical relief supplies to all of those displaced by the earthquakes.

At the time of this announcement, over $1.5M has been raised within the ‘Nepal Earthquake Relief’ category. We’re able to keep our pledge for the first $5M raised in the category, for a maximum gift of $250K. GoFundMe will be making these gifts in regular increments to ensure that help is delivered quickly. The first $50,000 donation has already been made.

We would like to thank all of the brave rescue workers and volunteers who are donating their time and resources to the relief efforts.

Thank you,
-The GoFundMe Team