Indiegogo Scam : Refund or Delivery of Vinpok Split

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Vinpok started a campaign for his product : The split ! The delivery date was expected on November/December 2018, it has been now a year and after some updates where we heard that everything was on the rails, now it has been since September we don't have any news or updates. Also in the past they at least answered us through the chat of indiegogo but now it's been almost a month and nothing.

What i propose is that many of us sign this petition, everyone is disappointed but alone we can't do anything but together we can make a difference, we're all angry and we all want answers, so share the petition, sign it and maybe if we have enough signature we might sue them. Everyone spent around 200$ it's a lot of money for no products and no news. The most unfair part is that Vinpok collected over 3 Millions of dollars. Should we just stand here and do nothing while they are millionaires thank to us ?

I'm against, and you ? Join, sign, share ! Together we can change that situation !