Stop Making Indie Films - UPDATE: WE FAILED

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Stop Making Indie Films - UPDATE: WE FAILED

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Kentucker Audley started this petition to Indie Filmmakers

UPDATE: Indie filmmakers have spoken: They are unwilling to save their own industry.

We failed :( As we were only able to sign up 252 quitters, far less than our goal of 5,000, the campaign ends in failure. Sorry to all those selfless indie filmmakers who were trying to save the day. Unfortunately, you have to go back to work now.

Sorry to all the real professionals who eagerly awaited a marketplace with 5,000 less competitors. Very disappointing.


Sign the petition to stop making indie films, endorsed by The New York Times, Salon & others.

Our goal is 5,000 signatures by March 31st, 2014. We believe if we can convince enough aspiring filmmakers to give up on their dreams, the industry will become solvent again, returning to a thriving and viable state. Film critics and film audiences will no longer be overwhelmed by the glut of mediocre indie productions, while the truly inspired and talented filmmakers will easily be discovered and embraced, able to receive the wide acclaim & financial gain they deserve. Distributors, theater owners, tastemakers, as well as audiences and critics, will delight in having far fewer films to choose from.

Note: if you're an indie filmmaker with commercial promise, please continue making films. (Don't sign) This list is made for the mediocre filmmakers who would otherwise be clogging up the indie arteries with undercooked, half-assed or nobudge productions. This includes anything small scale, anything personal, of course all mumblecore, and most other work with developing visions. (In other words, if you don't already have your artistry perfected, please sign up.)

I, Kentucker Audley, will be the first to sign up & look forward to you joining me in this quest to find another passion.

We hit 5,000 signatures and the industry is saved!

Thank you former indie filmmakers!

Please spread to all your talentless filmmaking friends.

Endorsements: NY Times, Salon

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This petition had 251 supporters

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