Stop the demolition of ancient Temples in Kashi

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Kashi corridor is a project that proposes to link the Vishwanath Mandir to Ganga. The previous governments have rejected this proposal because it will mean demolishing 160 houses and several ancient temples.

Kashi is known for its Hindu prominence not just because of the Vishwanath Temple but because there can be a natural shivling found in almost every place.

All these shivlings have been prayed to as God for centuries and demolishing them is just not right in the name of modern development.

The people of Banaras are raising their voices but their voices are loud only for their houses.

Despite the protests, 2 ancient temples have already been demolished and the government is not apparently going to stop.

God doesn't need temples. We need him. For ages, we have him in our hearts and we make temples for Him.

As an Indian, if you respect the culture and value our history, kindly sign this petition.

Har Har Mahadev