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Bring Back the True meaning of Hindu

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The Problem of mis-identification has taken roots in the mind of every Indian. 

The Term HINDU has been made into a Religion. 

But in reality, it means the area covering South Asia, Entrapped between the River Sindh and the Himalayan Mountain Ranges. 

This means people of Every Religion, living in this geographic location, can be Termed as Hindus. Ironically, we can have Hindu Christians and Hindu Muslims. 

Everyone seems to be mis-communicating the true essence of Hinduttva, which was that every man or woman in the Indian Subcontinent, the area between Sindh and Himalayan Ranges, was free to follow their own God, Goddess or other objects of worship. This meaning has been skewed big time owing to the misunderstanding of the recent conquerors, the British, who came to India. 

The Solution is to appeal to the government at large, and make them understand the implication this confusion is having. If Americans can call themselves American based on a Discoverer's name, and Greek take pride in being early conquerors, Indians should take pride in having a rich Heritage. We must take the issue of being Hindu more seriously than it is being taken currently. We lack an identity for this very reason. 

Only united can we stand in this crusade against the misunderstanding of our identity. Hinduism is not a Religion. 

Hinduism is about belonging to the only geographic area in the world that has survived maximum wars, famines and calamities. 

Hinduism is not a religion, it is a cultural heritage that great scientists and teachers have left for the world to look upon.

Hinduism is the only factor that unites the biggest diversity in the world, without any dispute or enmity, not taking into account politically motivated issues, which exist all over the world.

Hinduism gave people the freedom of expression and freedom of speech by letting them worship any God and follow religion within its womb.

It is my personal request that we look up and research the meaning of the word Hindu and its context. It is not a religion, but the freedom to practice your religion and belief. 

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