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Accountability of Profiles on Facebook in India

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Undoubtedly Facebook is grandest of social media networks today and Zuckerberg speaks thousands of things in praise of FB, Yes I agree Facebook is great for networking, connecting and today it means Life to us all.

Now coming to the main point, what I feel is that Facebook is lacking security big time. It's largely being used for abuse, female harassment, bullying and tons of more such things. Lots of People have dozens of fake accounts which they only use for harassment, they have made fake accounts in several names including female names and are busy doing criminal activities as they are pretty much sure no one can reach them. If one account of their gets banned, they make another in incognito mode and the business goes on as usual. These cyber criminals are roaming free acting all decent in civil society. There have been instances where people have been motivated/forced to do suicide and even the horrible and criminal Blue Whale game is played on Facebook. Whats tragic is there is no way to pin these criminals and find their exact identity. 

Now that's the problem, but what is the solution?
Let us make the overall internet safer worldwide but as they say, Charity begins at home, thus I intend to make internet in India safe as the first step. As we all know Indian government has made it mandatory to link your Aadhar identity with your mobile number with the deadline of February 6. 2018 and thus there won't be a single number on fake identity (as getting a number on an anonymous identity was easiest of tasks earlier),

What I feel is we the members of online Indian society, should ask Facebook to make it mandatory to use your mobile number to make a Facebook account and one can only make a facebook account with one's mobile number. Make it mandatory for all older accounts too to link \their mobile to their Facebook account through OTP verification or they won't be able to use it after a definite date. (it could be 3 or 6 months from the date of implementation)

If you don't have the mobile number then you can also prove your name identity in which you are creating the account by uploading the photograph of your identity proof which is your Aadhar card/PAN number/Voter ID to make a new account.

I know Facebook may not agree easily as they will lose lots of fake traffic business. but we need to make them do it as to make sure fearless cybercriminals get grilled.

When one would be afraid they can get arrested for cyber harassment or bullying, the crime rate would drop considerably as there would be a fear factor involved. Thanks for reading. Please sign the petition if you agree with me and want to ask Facebook to make these steps mandatory.

This will surely create outrage in India as its India but let us all make Internet safe collectively. 

-- Lovish

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