Remove Archbishop Charles Thompson of Indianapolis

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Casey Hayes
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The current Archbishop of Indianapolis, Charles Coleman Thompson, has begun his own "Night of the Long Knives" among employees within the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. His reign of terror targets LGBT employees who are in legal, loving relationships, having dictated that all schools within the Archdiocese of Indianapolis fire these dedicated and talented teachers who want nothing other than to teach and care for their students while living their lives within a legally justified and joyfully proclaimed marriage. This is a clear case of bigotry against the LGBT Catholic community. This witch hunt is not directed toward non-annulled, divorced and remarried teachers, teachers living in a state of cohabitation with another person, or any of the other dictates that the current contract demands. Additionally, the unprecedented meddling by this Archbishop into the internal operations of non-Archdiocesan Catholic High Schools Brebeuf and Cathedral indicate his incompetence; an over-reach that has polarized the Catholic community of this city. We need new leadership and it must begin with the replacement of the current Archbishop. We the people are the church and it is time for Indianapolis, the country and the world to take it back! To quote an inspirational agent for change "We may need the church for salvation, but they need us to keep the lights on!"  #TakeBackOurChurch