Change Some Laws to Decrease Gun Violence- NOW!

Change Some Laws to Decrease Gun Violence- NOW!

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Melissa Brock started this petition to Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett and

I know many of you are familiar with the horrible details of my daughter Brandy Brock’s murder on 9-11-2018. I want to thank you all for the prayers, love, and ongoing support you’ve given us over the past year. We are so blessed and so thankful for all of you.

 I will include the condensed version of the tragedy we have endured every second of every day for over a year in case you’re not familiar with the situation. If you go to you can review my previous petition which is very detailed about the dynamics of her murder. You can do a search on for Brandy Brock and the petition will be available to review. Brandy was shot in the back and killed just because she was a passenger in a car involved in a road rage incident. Her killer has never been arrested or endured one second of jail time for murdering her and he never will. She is a mother to two young girls, daughter, granddaughter, sister, aunt, niece, cousin, and good friend to many, many people. We are all still grieving this tragedy and trying our best to honor her memory and make something good come from her senseless and unnecessary murder due to gun violence.

I have contacted every politician with any authority to help us in the State of Indiana from the Mayor of Indianapolis to the Governor of Indiana. Not one single person from any office has responded by email, phone, or anything! I started a petition to request the case be reopened in 2018. We obtained over 1500 signatures in less than a week. No one responded from ANY local, state, or national political office.

I made numerous calls requesting appointments via phone or in person. Again, no one responded at all. My goal was to work with our elected officials to amend the “Right to Stand Your Ground Law” to protect innocent victims like my daughter even if no was prosecuted for my daughter’s murder. I still to this day have accomplished NOTHING to make some positive changes!

Fast forward to one year later. September 2019. The gun violence epidemic in Indianapolis, Indiana is getting worse. People are dying daily from senseless gun violence. The local and national gun-violence statistics are very alarming and mind blowing!

People of all ages are being murdered in Indianapolis and the surrounding communities on a daily and/or weekly basis. I’m being told by various legal and law enforcement agencies over and over that they don’t have the manpower or the funding to handle all the ongoing rampant crime and process all the criminal cases presented for review. So essentially the criminals have little to no fear of being prosecuted or going to jail. The benefits far outweigh the risks in the criminal’s minds. Trust me when I tell you I’ve spoken to some of the criminals too during my countless hours of doing my own investigation over the past year. My inquiring mind wants and needs to know in order to thoroughly assess the situation and come up with some logical and enforceable solutions to save lives and make our streets safe again.

There’s lots of buzz in the media these days about all the excessive gun violence in Indianapolis and around our nation. The Mayor’s re-election campaign talks about all the millions of dollars being spent on energy efficient streetlights to make our streets safer. My daughter was murdered at 11:30 am on Tuesday 9-11-2018. (Yes, we will never forget 9-11 for more reasons than ever before). So how would streetlights have helped to keep her safe?

There’s lots of buzz about different interventions to work towards a solution like more gun control, stricter background check processes when purchasing a gun, Red-flag laws, etc. I would personally support all these interventions as long as the laws and guidelines are appropriate to protect our rights as law-abiding citizens regarding our gun rights. I do not support any changes that would affect the rights of people who own and possess guns legally and don’t use them for criminal activity.

I am proposing an Indiana State law that applies to the criminals who possess guns illegally. I would like to see automatic jail time for the first offense of carrying or possessing a handgun without a state issued gun permit. We need a minimum sentencing of 6 months to one year in jail! Not probation, not house arrest, or any other type of leniency.

I’ve reviewed several cases in the State of Indiana where convicted FELONS with previous charges of possessing a handgun without a permit have been arrested on more than one occasion for the same offense. There are multiple ongoing incidents/arrests for possession of a handgun without a permit and they bonded out of jail!!! Their sentence for multiple offenses of possession of a gun without a legal gun permit MIGHT be probation, house arrest, jail time, or NOTHING!

Again, the risk of minimal punishment far outweighs the benefits for criminals to continue to carry on with their criminal activities. So, if the criminals are off the streets their ability to commit criminal activities involving illegal guns will be also. I know… it’s not rocket science!

I must say again. The law enforcement personnel in different Marion County Indiana agencies have acknowledged several times over the past year to me personally that there is a huge lack of manpower and funding to process every criminal case. The current “Right to Stand Your Ground Law” does not protect innocent bystanders. The research indicates states with the “Right to Stand Your Ground Law” have a substantial rise in gun violence and murders after the law is implemented. I had no idea how severe these issues are until this tragedy hit me personally and I started digging deep to search for ways to do my part to help fix the issues. Individually we can’t fix everything, but we can all do something with our knowledge, talents, skills, and gifts to make things better for all of us and future generations. 

Excuses are unacceptable diversions from addressing the criminal activity in our communities and addressing the gun violence epidemic. The excuses they give are absurd and we are supposed to accept them? We’ve had a state surplus of funds for several years. Money and manpower should not be an excuse, reason, or a barrier to protecting the citizens of the State of Indiana who work hard, give back to the community, and want to live peaceful, productive, happy lives. We should be allocating funds from our state budget surplus to improve or fix MANY issues plaguing the State of Indiana and hindering our progress toward safe and peaceful communities, growth, and success.

I pray you will join me in signing this petition to offer logical and attainable interventions to address the gun violence epidemic. We can work together to take back our streets and our communities from the criminals working diligently to destroy us. Thank you for your time, interest, involvement, voice, and contributions to help bring peace to our streets, our minds, and our hearts. The world is a very dangerous place and your whole life can change in a split second because of someone else’s poor choices. I know mine did on 9-11-2018 and it will never be the same.

God bless you all and please stay safe! I pray no one else ever endures what we’ve endured since my daughter’s senseless and tragic murder. The legal system threw her away like a piece of trash. Her family and friends will always honor her memory and do what we can to make positive changes for our Forever Angel Brandy Marie Brock.


Blessings & Peace,

Dr. Melissa Brock





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