Stop Playing Fox News at Indiana Wesleyan University

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If you ever walk through Elder Hall or use the recreation center at Indiana Wesleyan University, you may have noticed that Fox News regularly plays on the televisions. It is common knowledge that Fox News is a right-wing, biased news station. I believe that Indiana Wesleyan should not encourage exposure to bias and should instead show a respectable, truth-telling station. rates statements made on Fox News as 79% half true, mostly false, false, and "pants on fire". evaluates the news network as "Lean Right". 

In the time I have attended this university, they have been apparent in not supporting any political agenda. Dr. David Wright, president of IWU, wrote a blog concerning his response to the 2016 election. In this, he clearly does not take a political side, but instead says, "We are an inclusive community that loves and embraces one another despite differences of political persuasion, race, gender, nationality, immigration status, or any other characteristic that people have used to foster division, suspicion, and strife." I believe this is the philosophy the entire Indiana Wesleyan community should take. It is clearly not the philosophy of the news network they continually show around campus. 

Dr. David Wright continues by saying, "Let us affirm together that IWU loves and embraces our minority students and staff, those who come from immigrant families, those who are international students, or those who identify with some other group of people who feel vulnerable and pushed to the margins. I would ask all members of our community to remember and practice those values and virtues of Godly hospitality that represent the very best of what our Lord Jesus Christ taught us."

At the very least, if Fox News continues to play on campus TVs, a supplementary main-stream channel should accompany it or should have equal air time. This allows for students to have a variety of viewpoints to form their own educated opinions. BBC, ABC, CNN, and CBS would all be adequate choices to play on campus TVs or appear alongside Fox.

On behalf of the students and faculty of Indiana Wesleyan University, please, change the channel