Indiana Vietnam Veteran KIA Denied Bridge Memorialized. "Did not earn a Silver Star"

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Bridges For The Fallen and Myself (Karen A. Hickman) tried to get a Administrative decision to go through to have a Bridge Memorialized for my brother Cpl. Thomas Steven Hickman KIA 8/26/1970. I was told that because my brother had not earned a Silver Star, he did not qualify. My brother was KIA when the helicopter he was on along with 33 other men was shot down while hovering to land. One of the worst helicopter crashes in the Vietnam War. My brother earned a  Bronze Star, Purple Heart, National Defense Medal, Vietnam Service Medal with 1 Bronze Star, Combat Infantryman Badge, Republic of Vietnam Campaign Ribbon W/Device (1960) Marksman Badge with Auto Rifle Bar with Machine Gun Bar with Rifle Bar. He just turned 19 yrs.old 25 days before he was KIA. I guess if he had lived longer, he might have earned a Silver Star, but Dead is Dead no matter what Medal you get. I am asking that the laws that state someone that dies in War must be a Silver Star recipient before a Bridge is Memorialized in their Honor, to be changed. A Hero is a Hero. I am doing this for the 20 families in Indiana that are also waiting on a Bridge. If I win this cause it will help me get the bridge for my brother, but if I lose, it will affect all Gold Star Families that are waiting on a bridge for their Hero. Please sign and let Indiana Department of Transportation Mr. Soliday know we stand behind and for our Fallen Heroes. I would like to thank Rob Mador, for helping me by taking up the cause that he started, "Bridges For The Fallen."

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