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Indiana UOO calls for S.T.O.P.S.

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WE, THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF INDIANA, do hereby call upon our ELECTED OFFICIALS AND THE INDIANA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION, current and future, and bind them to their oath of office to stop harming and to do no more harm to Indiana Public School children, Public School teachers, Indiana Public Schools and our Indiana communities through Public School Education Reforms.
WHEREAS: The Indiana Department of Education, Superintendent of Public Schools, Indiana Education Roundtable, the Select Commission on Education and our elected State of Indiana Legislators and Governor have caused harm to the learning processes of, learning potential of, funding of, work environment of and learning environment of our Indiana Public Schools;
a. A moratorium on any and all school closures for the reasons of being labeled “failing” or “F” under the current accountability systems you have established without our voices being heard or considered.
b. A moratorium on authorization of any additional charter schools that are robbing public tax dollars from public schools.
c. An immediate cease and desist of allowing education special interest groups time in your meetings, in your offices and on your calendars. This not only includes actual agenda items, but also includes returning any campaign contributions from any special interest group, hedge fund managers, corporations and foundations that are located inside and outside of the state of Indiana and have contributed to the dismantling of public education systems in Indiana.
c. Start active conversations with and start actively listening to the true stakeholders of public education (students, teachers, parents, the community/citizens you serve).
d. Start multiple Indiana Education Forums around the state, including every public school district you represent, to discuss any and all legislation changes to Indiana law and any and all IDOE rules concerning education in the state of Indiana, including, but not limited to, Pre-K, K-12, Technical schools and Colleges/Universities, before any law is introduced.
e. Using an Indiana college or university's research laboratory and proven scientific methods (a.k.a. a true Value Added Measures), start polling the true stakeholders on their opinions concerning any and all new legislation and any and all changes to Indiana law and IDOE rules concerning Indiana Public Schools and admission requirements for college. Publicize the research data prior to the forums.

If you choose not to represent your constituents in our demands for representation and a call of ethics in your representation of us, WE, THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF INDIANA, do hereby make our solemn commitment to vote our conscious in November.


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