Indiana University: In-State Tuition for All Students for Fall of 2020

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With so many unknowns following this initial shock of the Covid-19 pandemic, many people face various hardships. For those of us attending universities, we are faced with whether going back to school or not is the best decision regarding our own health and the financial implications we will face. Some of us have scholarships to help with the financial burden of such extreme tuitions, but after all we signed up for a high quality of in person classes.

Countless universities are announcing most, if not all, of the classes being held will be online. While it is for the safety and well being of students, staff, and faculty, it boils down to whether or not students are receiving the same quality of education they initially signed up for. After suddenly switching to online instruction in spring of 2020, it is clear that certain classes can never give its students the same level of education we require. Ohio State just recently announced that all students "enrolled in our distance education courses" will pay in-state tuition. Why can't we do the same to encourage more students to continue their education? If students choose to enroll in "distance education courses" or courses that are forced to be online they should be able to stay home without the stress of paying out of state or even international tuition. 

I am asking you to sign this petition to get Indiana University to lower all tuition, regardless out of state or international, to in state tuition.