End Rape Culture in IU Greek Life the Right Way

End Rape Culture in IU Greek Life the Right Way

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Withholding parties from IU Greek Life helps to make a statement to fraternities that rape culture is not accepted, but it does not solve the actual problem. Here are a few ways that I believe will actually be effective in teaching men the impact that sexual assault has on women.

1. Holding a mandatory sexual assault survivors panel of women and men who share their stories and how the event impacted them has been heard to be incredibly moving and inspiring. I believe that both PHA and IFC should require all members to attend a panel to better understand the effect that sexual assault has on survivors.

2. Holding a mandatory panel for IFC members to be allowed to ask PHA members questions about their struggles as a woman would allow the conversation to become more normalized and help these chapters bond as one. Hearing from college women about the fears and challenges of simply walking home alone at night, carrying pepper spray and tasers everywhere they go, hearing men sexualize every woman they see, having to talk to their parents about how to stay safe before they leave for college, etc. would allow men to truly grasp the severity of this issue.

3. Requiring a certain number of official members of the fraternity (aka not "pledges") to be sober monitors for every registered pair would help brothers step in when they see something that may be suspicious at parties. Having men keep their brothers in check when they see a situation that looks like it may result in sexual assault can be beneficial. The problem with this is that fraternities are not held accountable enough to where they feel that these these members must stay sober, so there would need to be certain standards and consequences if this rule were put into place and fraternities are found to be violating it.

The normalization of rape culture must be put to an end, but in a way that actually teaches fraternities why it must be put to an end. Additionally, men must learn how to respect women in general. Hearing the way men talk about women with their friends, seeing where men's eyes first go when they see a woman, etc. are inexcusable. It's time that we strip men from their abuse of power and put them in their place.

5 have signed. Let’s get to 10!