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Use the Indiana Theatre to regularly bring in live music & entertainment.

The Indiana Theatre is in the heart of Terre Haute, Indiana. A couple blocks from ISU campus, one would think it'd be an ideal place to see entertainment every now and again. Unfortunately it is not that. As a Terre Haute citizen I find myself often wondering why it's still standing--there are cover bands playing once every few months if I'm lucky, but for the most part it just sits there, looking pretty(ish).

Looking at surrounding cities (Indianapolis, Urabana-Champaign, Bloomington etc.) and considering our advantageous geographical situation, it's surprising that we don't have a stronger music scene than we do. Several extremely talented musicians seek to leave our city because the networking opportunities are nil--this can be attributed to a lack of regular touring musicians coming though the city.

As a big college town, it should be EXTREMELY easy to have a healthy music scene. Consider the success of venues in aforementioned cities--the Vogue, the Canopy Club and the Bluebird in surrounding areas do incredibly well. They host nationally-touring acts with far less advantages than the Indiana Theatre has. The fact that the theatre continues to lay in stagnancy is an affront to the citizens of the city--there are enough buildings in our downtown area eroding. We shouldn't allow this to happen.

Of course, all of that is the no-brainer part. We all know that there are amazing things we COULD have. We all know we could have great acts in our city, we all know the Theatre could be the foundation to a thriving entertainment industry, we all know the economic implications on our city that this would have. The hard part is making it happen. This is where you and I come in.

The purpose of this petition is not to chastise or attack the owners of the Indiana Theatre. Rather, it is to call to their attention that there IS a demand in Terre Haute for quality, nationally touring music acts. We citizens of Terre Haute HAVE noticed that the Indiana Theatre is not being used to its potential and if you're willing to polish it, we're willing to be patrons.

What if we didn't have to drive to Indy, Chicago or St. Louis to see a quality act? What if a few times a month, ISU students flocked to the theatre to see the next big band or DJ? With enough support this topic can be brought to the attention of the right people. With enough support we can make these things happen!

By signing this petition, you are telling the proprietors of the Indiana Theatre, "If you build it, I will come."

Make sure to pass the petition along--share it on Facebook, Twitter, etc. If you have any thoughts on the right way to proceed or would like to become more involved, please feel free to email me at Thanks for your support.

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