Make Indiana A 2nd Amendment Sanctuary State

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*We will not comply* - Let's say as a state.

With a large number of populists holding federal seats proposing restrictions on magazines, features, and entire categories of weapons, it is safe to assume that federal restrictions will come eventually, even if not this election cycle (although this is a fear many constituents of Indiana have).

The state needs to draw their line in the sand. There should be absolutely no compliance with any of these aggressive anti-gun and unconstitutional policies should they be passed. A bill needs to be written to ensure that local and state law enforcement will provide no resources, whether it is financial, informational, or manpower to help the efforts of the tyrannical federal government should they restrict our second amendment further. The ATF should be removed from our state, or crippled so badly by legislation that they have no choice but to run home to DC with their tail tucked between their legs.

Beyond that, I firmly believe that we should take further action and take a firm stance against enforcing the NFA and the Hughes Amendment, declaring them both null and void in the state of Indiana with the use of legislation. The marijuana people did it with success; there's no good reason we can't do the same with our constitutionally guaranteed right, *our right that was granted at birth by God.*

Do it for Indiana, do it for America!