Indiana State Missing Persons & Unidentified Persons-Ashley Morris Mullis Law

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Since Ashley’s disappearance, her family and friends have suffered with anguish and uncertainty. Family and friends have the right to know what happened. Indiana state government and law enforcement have an obligation to provide information and assist efforts to find the answers.

This must apply to every single family that is facing the same situation in the state of Indiana.

Adults and children alike go missing daily. Because the fate of the missing may be unknown, families are faced with the anguish of not knowing what happened to their loved one. Such families live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week faced with ongoing uncertainty and are unable to grieve

Humanitarian and human rights law requiring that all possible measures are taken to ensure the fate is known of their missing loved ones and that their families are kept informed must be enacted immediately.

While searching for answers pertaining to Ashley’s disappearance, it was discovered that inadequate measures to provide vital DNA, dental records and additional pertinent information is not being submitted to the federal NamUs database.  Out of the Nine hundred plus missing children and adults in the State of Indiana only 169 of those cases or 1% have been submitted to the NamUs database.

As of today, there are 59 Unidentified Person cases in the NamUs database that are sitting in limbo in the state of Indiana dating back to 1975. It is incomprehensible that this should be occurring, taking into consideration that it is your hard earn tax paying dollars that are paying for this service and it is not being properly utilized.

The rights of missing persons must be protected and not violated. The Indiana judicial system must be called to enact a law that allows for family members the legal right to be the missing person’s voice. To conduct all business in the missing person’s behalf, as if the missing person was present. (Obtaining all legal documentation, financial transactions, medical and dental records, etc.)

It is a crucial for all families of missing persons that forensics and the proper handling of unidentified persons remains to be enacted in the State of Indiana.

It is vital for all the residences of in the state of Indiana to collectively speak up and demand change. By placing your signature on the following petition, it will send a clear message to appointed officials that change is necessary to reunite missing loved ones with their families.

We are imploring on behalf of the Morris family and every other family in the State of Indiana to assist us with demanding that present missing person and unidentified policies are changed, by signing the following petition so that it we have the support needed to introduce a more in-depth directive and proposed bill to the Indiana Senate entitled the Ashley Morris Mullis law.