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Indiana Senate: Vote NO on Transphobic "Senate Bill 35"

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Please sign to tell the Indiana State Senate that bigotry has no place in Indiana or the United States of America. Trans people are people too and deserve basic rights to use restrooms and other facilities.

Indiana Senate Bill 35 desires to strip transgender people of their right to use the correct restroom and other facilities by fining and imprisoning them when they are true to themselves. 

Transgender people deserve to be treated as humans and given basic human rights. It shouldn't be a struggle legally to be who you are.

Sign to show your support for trans people and disapproval of a bill that discriminates against those who simply wish to live in accord with their innate identity. Indiana is known as an anti-LGBT+ state. The Hoosier LGBT+ hatred stereotype was born with the widely existent stigmas and barriers present toward LGBT+ people along with anti-LGBT laws signed by Gov. Mike Pence. 

Indiana Senate Bill 35 as authored and proposed by Sen. James Tomes (IN-049), Sen. R. Michael Young (IN-035), Sen. James Smith (IN-045), Sen. James Buck (IN-021), and Sen. Brent Waltz (IN-036) is morally repugnant. The bill's attempt to further separate and demonize transgender people is leading to a continuation of rampant transphobia in Indiana. In a time where transgender people, because of a non-accepting community fueled by stigmas and intolerance, have a suicide rate of 41%, nearly ten times the national average, Indiana S.B. 35 is repulsive. Indiana S.B. 35 is dangerous; furthering self hatred and fueling intolerance. 

"Bathrooms always pose a threat to me as someone who is not cisgender. In many, many cases I have been looked at weird when I go into them because I do not look like a certain gender. There's always the constant fear of if someone will point it out and I feel out of place and very uneasy whenever going into bathrooms because of it and never feel very safe in them. Being someone who's gender typically fluctuates between no gender and one binary gender, it can be harder some days than others to go to a bathroom. There are times when dysphoria plays in and makes me feel extremely uncomfortable going into any binary bathroom or one not fitting my gender identity and can psychologically get to me. If I did go into my desired bathroom there is a very large risk of being physically harmed and it then being justified by me not going into the "correct" restroom." - Anonymous Indiana Trans Youth

Not only would S.B. 35 restrict the right of transgender teenagers attempting to use restrooms that align with their intrinsic gender identity, but also those of transgender adults who after living with years of challenging stigmas and stereotypes bred by a conservative state and an erasure of transgender peoples' existence disallowance to use the restroom pertaining to the gender they identify with. Indiana S.B. 35 is sickening and dangerous; furthering transgender oppression and stigma. 

 "Public restrooms are tense for me. People who say girls like me have an assault motive when we use the restroom make it glaringly obvious that they don't know the first thing about trans women [or people] outside of harmful media stereotypes. I have to micromanage every sound and movement and behavior, lest I be put on the spot or otherwise antagonized by someone interrogating my anatomy. A trans woman (or any trans person for that matter) has never assaulted someone in a bathroom. This bill is an obvious case of cisgender people looking for any teeny reason to clock me and strip me of my humanity lest I corrupt the sanctity of the public bathroom with my perceived abnormalities. Forcing me, as a trans student, to use facilities not corresponding to my gender identity will put me and others like me at risk of danger in the form of physical and verbal assault. The only thing that would be benefitted by this bill would be the spread of hatred and ignorance." - Anonymous Indiana Trans Youth 

Proponents of bills like S.B. 35 which intrinsically and inseparably promote intolerance toward trans people by prohibiting them to use the appropriate restroom/basic facilities and punishing them with up to 1 year in jail and a $5,000 fine (Class A misdemeanor) all are written and born with lies, created by the authors themselves. These lies have all been disproven and to bigoted Senate bill authors such as Sen. James Tomes and Sen. R. Michael Young dismay, it has been proven that when transgender people are not permitted to use the correct restroom, violence against them increases significantly to staggering highs and no negative affect to the surrounding community occurs. Indiana S.B. 35 is disgusting, delusional, and dangerous; furthering trans violence and transphobic lies.  

Sign this petition to let the Indiana Senate know that you do not support disgusting bills like S.B. 35, to protect young and old trans* people alike, and to proclaim that to be transphobic and homophobic is not what it means to be a Hoosier. 

Although Senate Bill 35 fails to make a distinction; using words "sex" and "gender" interchangeably, they are not synonymous. Sex as defined by the American Psychological Association, "refers to a person’s biological status and is typically categorized as male, female, or intersex" and gender as defined by the APA, "refers to “one’s sense of oneself as male, female, or transgender"." S.B. 35 also fails to take into account intersex people. Intersex is the sex in which people's chromosomes do not align with the perceived genitalia. (reproductive/sexual anatomy) It must also be noted that gender and sexual orientation do not have any correlation.

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