Statewide Campaign to Confront the Climate Crisis

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The climate crisis must be treated as the crisis it is by the state of Indiana. Despite multiple powerful and passionate student-led events last year, including West Lafayette's climate strike on September 27, Youth Climate Action Day on January 28, and a climate strike at the statehouse, we have seen little action by our state government. We have had enough. We demand that our politicians at the statehouse identify the climate crisis as a crisis and declare a climate emergency, that state legislation is passed to set a goal for statewide carbon neutrality, and that legislation that works to eliminate environmental racism and the unequal effects of the climate crisis in primarily minority communities in Indiana.  

The Confront the Climate Crisis campaign is a statewide campaign aimed at engaging organizations and student-led action groups across the state in statewide climate action. By bringing youth to the forefront, we know that we can create the change that we need to see and take the next step in protecting our future. The voices of those throughout Indiana who are most affected by the climate crisis will be brought to the forefront in campaign efforts. We will begin the campaign by delivering a powerful and action-based letter to our statehouse legislators to begin putting the pressure on our lawmakers in addition to more actions and initiatives, which we will expand upon in a moment. We have the power to confront the climate crisis - and that is what we will do.

FYI: If you sign this petition, you will automatically sign our letter to the statehouse. We also have gotten signatures both locally in Indiana and globally in 7+ countries. We appreciate all of your support!