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Shut Down Indiana!

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Dear Indiana Friends,
Our governor has us on a so called shelter in. But nothing has changed! We must together get this Governor to protect us. Essential business is grocery, pharmacy, doctors, clinics, food manufacture, companies making medical necessities. any facility involved in the manufacturing of any type of medication. Of course we need our truck drivers on the road, gas stations, rest stops open to truckers ONLY!

People are still out doing whatever they want. Businesses open, fast food open, all the factories where people are in close contact are OPEN!
This is simply our Governor choosing money over lives! We of Indiana and all over the country must come together and protect ourselves, our loved ones, our friends!
We must shut Indiana down! Unemployment is open to all who are let go do to covid-19! We can't put money first lives second!
We together as a whole can fix the economy later but we cannot bring back our loved ones.
So im begging you all to sign this to show the Governor we want to feel safe, cared about and most of all flatten this viral curve!
The coronavirus doesn't care about money, political views, age, race, gender, religion, sexuality. It kills anyone it chooses! I have systemic lupus and like other Americans I'm terrified but every single person should be scared. You may think it's a cough and to you it may only be that when you get it. But to the lives of others, our elderly, our vets, our loved ones on chemo & dialysis. And those with immune system issues this is deadly!
Im begging to you all put life first, put compassion first, put love first!
Shut down Indiana the right way Governor. Essential travel ONLY!

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