Petition for the Decriminalization of Marijuana in the State of Indiana

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William Johnston
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After over one-hundred years of Marijuana Prohibition in the state of Indiana, it has become clear time and time again that prohibition is not working for the people of said state. The criminalization of this substance has lead to the wrongful incarceration and imprisonment of millions throughout the state over the course of the last century. Marijuana is among the lesser dangerous substances that have been introduced and consumed within the state, and despite it's criminalization, it has prevailed as one of the most used and widely medically available sources for the populace of Indiana. At the very least, the State Legislature should draft bills legalizing the substance for medical use, if not all out decriminalization. There is no reason that law-abiding, tax-paying citizens should be fined, incarcerated, or otherwise punished for the possession, or consumption of Marijuana. 

Especially in a state that has been ravaged by illegal recreational drug use, punishment for the use, and possession of Marijuana simply leads to further crime as people must attempt to search for other, worse alternatives with regards to recreation. And after so many accurate and highly regarded scientific studies, state officials should no longer be able to deny the medical, or economic benefits of such decriminalization or legalization. It is high-time for reform. It is high time for change. This isn't to say that the state should all out legalize its use entirely, but it shouldn't be criminal for an adult to personally decide to consume a substance. The war on drugs (especially with regards to Marijuana) is only costing the state more money. Such money could be spent on education, rehabilitation, and (badly needed) infrastructure repairs. That said, I am submitting this petition to the legislature of the state of Indiana to at bare minimum decriminalize the possession and use of Marijuana. Ideally I think that a good percentage of Indiana residents would like to see Medical or (heaven forbid) Recreational legalization of Marijuana. 

Furthermore, those who use this substance have (time and time again) proven against the stereotypes surrounding the recreational or medical use of this substance, and it is time that this state recognizes the legitimacy of this concern and follows in the foot-steps of nearly every surrounding state. Thank you for your time.