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Dcs is coming to doors taking children on false accusations, there not facts. They don't give time for the drug screens to come back or anything, they are taking kids from innocent people because of who they know,or false accusations, or even corruption like my case,that includes all the above, CORRUPTION.They will even flip what you say with there adding. They are destroying familes life's in most cases. There not there for the childrens best interest its the money. These are our families our lives our children, it's not a game. They see it how they call it, even conflict of interest in allot of small counties. In my case,one family called the Longs, they have ruined my life. I filed for divorce and their family either worked for the judges and prosecutors,  cops and married to cops, works for 911 dispatch and know someone from working there.That's conflict of intrest even cocorruption.  I am a human with rights I'm a mother of 3 that hasn't seen ber kids since April since her husband raped and beat her and more. I've been tossed in jail felt by male police officers, served fake warrant with no copy, followed, kids taken and 1/3 put in foster care, threats, and more. I'm on my own and scared for my life. Something has to change. We have ALOT OF ANGRY PARENTS WITH RIGHTS,and  that's leads to violence. It's going to get really bad  if someone don't stop the corruption and teach  these dcs people, that we have rights and it's called the Bill of Rights... They need to follow them, As well as stating your name and who you work for, when you do show up.Thats good old Putnam Co. I have videos and alot of more evidence to prove my case. Thank you 

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