Hit Pause on 5g in Indiana: safety data must come first

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We must postpone the roll-out of 5g "small cell" transmitters near our schools, homes, and neighborhoods until the technology has been proven safe for our communities.

We believe in science, and we love new technology. But we also believe that there is insufficient data to show that constant, involuntary exposure to millimeter wave (MMW) transmissions from small cell towers—typically placed on existing electrical, light, and other utility poles—is safe for adults or children. In fact, some of the sparse information to date points in an opposite direction.

Meanwhile, large wireless carriers have decided to run a massive human experiment with our public health by deploying these repeaters at distances that are much closers to our schools and dwellings than traditional cell towers.


1) It's cheaper for them to use our existing utility infrastructure than to build and maintain new poles; and

2) Millimeter waves travel shorter distances, making more frequent repeaters (every few hundred feet) necessary to propagate these shorter waves.

It's not just an experiment, it's a race.

Major carriers have run to regulators (at the FCC and statehouses across the country) armed with major campaign financing to try and convince our lawmakers to strip local communities of their traditional zoning and regulatory authority to approve transmitter placement.

What we are demanding:

Citizens and local regulators have been denied an opportunity to understand and approve their constant exposure to this largely untested, "revolutionary" form of electromagnetic radiation.

We have a right to this data before 5g "small cells" are deployed. Some states including New Hampshire and Hawaii have allocated public resources to studying the health effects of 5g / millimeter wave technology. We believe Indiana—like every state—should do the same, and evaluate the data thoroughly before approving 5g / small cell transmitters.

Let's start today.

Tell our legislators and wireless carriers to "Pause 5g" until safety studies in the public interest can be completed and "small cells" are scientifically demonstrated to be reasonably safe.

For more information, visit www.pause5g.org and sign up for our action network.