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Funding for Organic Holistic Healthcare

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    With the funds to support a more healthy way of treating mental, physical, and emotional illnesses we can provide humans with the care they deserve. By giving the body the natural tools it needs to achieve a cleansed state, the mind a serene state, and the soul fulfilled state we can bring holistic healing to our community.  Majority of diseases can not survive in an alkaline body space and it has been proven with a healthy mindset your body can beat the odds of sickness, even in severe circumstances. So, why not provide our bodies with natural healthier options? Our planet earth naturally produces everything we need to survive. Instead we find our health care system injecting the bodies with things like $300,000 chemotherapy, instead  lets try teaching to cut out processed food and have more organic plant based diets to have an alkaline body, or therapy/meditation that helps the mind maintain a positive and safe state.

 The medical field is a billion dollar money maker, yet there are more sick people than ever in a industry that is no longer proactive, but now reactive. This is not just affecting dying sick people, like cancer patients, its also affecting the every day person. The person who gets the common cold and automatically picks up a bottle of drugs or cough medicine from the pharmacy. The now, common person with high blood pressure or diabetes that takes pharmaceutical drugs daily to just maintain. There are natural plants, foods, and meditations that can be used to help heal the mind and body that have a better effect on the body long term and short term. With big pharm drugs they cause an extreme number of side effects, they also cause illnesses to have a new stomping ground, and typically cause the person to have to take more medicine for the side problems the original medicine brought on.(This just means more profit for the doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies.) Its time we also see the benefits of our healthcare having the best interest of the community. It is FACT the body is a self healing organ it naturally takes care of itself! We do not need to pump it with chemicals that were not meant to be placed inside the human body!

So, please join me in signing my petition to ask The Indiana State Department of Health to give funding for a new clinic for practitioners who believe in holistic healing, providing organic ways of treatment, and food/ health plans to further prevent illnesses.

 *(Part of the funds would also go to helping do research and community garden that the clinic will use to help heal it's patients)*

 Our mind, body, and souls  deserve more and it starts right here in Indiana!

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