Oppose Indiana HB1200

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Please Oppose this ban on keeping Big Cats and other exotics!! Indiana has an effective permit process that allows passionate keepers to fulfill their ambitions ethically. There is NO need for this piece of legislation. Big cat numbers are on the decline and private keepers are playing a vital role in preventing their extinction. This bill will greatly impact numbers of big cats!

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Contact our Indiana House representative Todd Huston and let him know that this bill is unacceptable and will put a strain on the already dwindling numbers of big cats.


IN owners, you need to get organized and make a plan to fight this. Owners will be grandfathered but the requirements are tough.

Indiana ban bill was introduced last Monday

Exotic or dangerous wild animals

Exotic or dangerous wild animals = bear, red & gray wolf, lion, tiger, leopard, clouded leopard, snow leopard, jaguar, cheetah, mountain lion, hybrids; crocodilians; nonhuman primate; spotted & striped hyena

Sectors: All except:
1. Research
2. Wildlife sanctuary as described
3. Incorporated nonprofit animal protection organization (possess)
4. Veterinary clinic, hospital, practice or veterinarian or employed individual
5. Law enforcement, conservation officer or department
6. Transport through within 24 hours if contained & not exhibited
7. USDA Class C zoo or circus with listed requirements
8. Owners on 7/1/20 that meet requirements

Ban – Possess, Sell, Transfer, Breed

• Bans possession, sale, transfer and breeding of exotic or dangerous wild animals except those listed
• Bans declawing or removing canines except medical need
• Bans direct public contact except zoos with squirrel & owl & titi & saki monkeys, tamarins, marmosets, lemurs, loris, potto, galago, tarsiers, and uakari in natural enclosure w/o public barrier if employee on duty and signs prohibit touching or feeding
• USDA Class C must have no animal abuse/neglect convictions, no USDA no access or inspection interference in last 3 years, $250,000 liability insurance, files recapture plan and animal inventory annually
• Wildlife sanctuary must be 501(c)(3) that does not sell, trade, auction, lease or loan, use in for-profit, allow direct public contact, use for entertainment or traveling exhibit, breed such animals
• Current owners on 7/1/20 may keep them if proof of ownership on date, no additional animals, no animal abuse/neglect conviction, no revoked animal permit, escape plan on 7/1/20, annual registration 9/1, $250,000 liability insurance, notifies department within 72 hours of sale/transfer
• Has seizure and hearing procedures 1st reading – Natural Resources