The right to vote for the "2 mile fringe"

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We live in an area dubbed the two mile fringe. We pay city taxes, use city utilities, and have to abide by city ordinances. The problem is we cannot vote in city elections while living in the fringe area. We are subject to go through the city for building permits. If city owned utilities go up in price we have to pay the higher prices. Currently we don't have a voice in how our city is ran or the issues about our city. Many of us were turned away at the polls on election day due to our residency. This fringe statute dates back to the 1950s and is clearly outdated and needs to be abolished. There are many citizens within this fringe area who's voices aren't being heard and anything the city officials do affects everyone in this area. We are forced to do everything all other citizens do without any of the representation. Taxation without representation is illegal. This needs to change immediately so that everyone's voice is heard and we can have fair elections for our city. Please help by signing this petition if you feel that the citizens living in the fringe area have just as much right to vote as the rest of the citizens.