Please put up warning signs at west Boggs lake!!

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My children daddy passes away after swimming at west Boggs lake in Indiana. Hey was there with our 2 boys and his daughter celebrating her birthday. That day they thought they were making memories turned into a tragedy. Waylon passed shortly after . He got a parasite from the water that took his life painfully and quickly. I had to tell my boys there daddy went to heaven. my boys and there sister lost there daddy. John Abel Sandy Abel ,& his mother Annette lost there son, B Abel & G Abel lost there grandson. If there was a warning sign Waylon would of never been in the water at west Boggs lake. I dont want anymore families to have to go through this. Our family wants west Boggs lake, west Boggs park in Indiana to put up warning signs. So people know the risk they are taking.... West Boggs lake please warn the public with signs .

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